Single            Family
Regular (35+)                      $110                   $130
          Cart Plan                      $185                   $230
          Private Cart                $165                   $195
Member cart fees are $15 for 18 holes and $8 for 9 holes. Private cart storage is available for $22 per month.
Under 35                      $110                    $130
35 and under membership includes 1/2 cart and children under the age of 12. If children are over 12 you will need to be on the family plan.
Out of Town                    $160                   $180
The Out of Town membership includes 1/2 cart  is for golfers who live over 40 miles away. This membership includes residents of St. Tammany and Washington Parish.
Junior                                  $50
The junior membership provides students 18 and under the opportunity to play the course after 2PM on the weekend and after 4PM during the week.